Vendel Games

Hidden Object Games

Holly 2
Holly: A Christmas Tale Deluxe
Love Chronicles: Death’s Embrace (CE – Yes)
Love Chronicles: Beyond the Shadows (CE – Yes)
Love Chronicles: A Winter’s Spell (CE – Yes)
Love Chronicles: Salvation (CE – Yes)
Love Chronicles: The Sword and The Rose (CE – Yes)
Love Chronicles: The Spell (CE – Yes)
Magic Encyclopedia
Magic Encyclopedia: Moon Light
Mysteries of the Mind: Coma (CE – Yes)
Secrets of Great Queens: Old Tower (CE – Yes)
Spirit of Revenge: Cursed Castle (CE – Yes)
Spirit of Revenge: Elizabeth’s Secret (CE – Yes)
Spirit of Revenge: Gem Fury (CE – Yes)
Spirit of Revenge: Florry’s Well (CE – Yes)
Spirit of Revenge: A Test of Fire (CE – Yes)
Spirit of Revenge: Unrecognized Master (CE – Yes)
Top Secret Finders


One thought on “Vendel Games

  1. I recently downloaded Spirit of Revenge: Elizabeth’s Secret and am really enjoying it, especially the Francis Drake sidekick character. So, I wanted to know if anyone out there could suggest other games that have similar…erm…qualities?

    I don’t mind having helpers in a game (especially when there is some flirtatious aspect to them). However, one does get weary of chatterbox fairies, elves, loudmouth walruses and what have you.

    Any suggestions?

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