12 Labours of Hercules Game Review

12 Labours of Hercules Game Review
Game Developers: JetDogs Studio and Zoomout Games
Game Genres: Time Management, Strategy

Game Menu Options: Two sections – Volume and miscellaneous. The volume section has the following: Sound and music. The miscellaneous section has the following: Don’t Show Tutorial, Full Screen and Game Cursor.

Game Difficulty Options: There are only two difficulty modes. Relaxed (Untimed) and Expert (Timed)

Game Cinematic/Cutscenes: There aren’t that many cinematic/cutscenes. They only show up when the player get up to certain level in the game. There is an option for skipping the whole thing.

Game Music/Sounds: They really fit well with the game. Meaning that they aren’t out-of-place or intrusive.

Game Graphics: They are nicely done even though there is nothing fancy about them.

Gameplay: There are four level sections and each of them has ten levels. They can be replayed for better score. Each level has assigned objects (ie: Collecting resources, Repairing and Building Structures to Produce Resources.) The objectives designated at the top of the screen. But they can be also viewed before the level starts. Scoring is only available in expert mode only. One to three stars can be earned per level.

Game Achievements: There 22 Steam achievements to earn. But each of these achievements has certain requirements before they can be unlocked.

Steam Trading Card/Game Badge: Only available in Steam’s version of the game. At least three cards are dropped from the game. The rest can be obtained from Steam’s market, booster pack creator, booster pack and trading. The badge can be crafted only after obtaining all the card. After that the badge can be upgraded four more times.


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