Witch’s Pranks: Frog’s Fortune Collector’s Edition Game Review

Witch’s Pranks: Frog’s Fortune Collector’s Edition Game Review
Game Developer: Shaman Game
Game Genres: Adventure, Hidden Object, Puzzle

Game Storyline

Summary Excerpt from the game’s store page over at Big Fish Games:

Once upon a time, an evil witch grew tired of the darkness and jealousy that festered in her bitter soul. Unbetrothed and desiring to wed a prince, the witch grew more envious by the day of the beautiful princesses to whom all the princes were engaged. One day, the witch vowed that all who rejected her affections should be turned into frogs, and she cast a spell that transformed all the princes in the land! Return the bewitched to their brides, cure the spell with the kiss of love and restore the happily-ever-afters to your most beloved fairytales in Witch’s Pranks: Frog’s Fortune!

Game Visual/Audio

There isn’t much can be said about the game’s visuals asides from that they’re amazingly well done. Pretty much the same thing can be said about the game’s audio. The visual and audio can be adjusted in the game’s option menu.


There are three different game difficulty modes to choose from: Regular, Advanced and Expert.

The inventory panel is at the top of the screen. Clicking on the bag will show the inventory panel. There is an option to lock the inventory panel in place.

The scroll keep tracks of all story events in the game. Also keep tracks of the achievements.

All of the hidden object scenes consists of fragment items. Some of them do require little or no interaction.

Most of the game’s puzzles are rather easy to solve without much difficulty. For most of the there’s a reset button but for all of them there’s a skip button. These two features are only present in “Regular” game difficulty mode.

There are four sets of game achievements. Three related to the frog princes and one related to frog witch.

Since this is a collector’s edition game, there’s a bonus chapter, but it can be unlocked only after the main story of the game’s completed. The bonus chapter is the sequel to the main story.


There’s built-in strategy guide, it can be accessed during gameplay, clicking on the ‘tab’ will bring up the guide.

In the extra content section: Screensaver, Music, Bonus Game, Concept Art and Wallpapers.

Final thoughts, I definitely enjoying playing this game all the way through to the end. As for the replay value I would say is low. I would recommend this game but not at the full price.


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