Mystery Trackers: Winterpoint Tragedy Game Review

Mystery Trackers: Winterpoint Tragedy Game Review
Game Developer: Elephant Games
Game Genres: Adventure, Hidden Object, Puzzle

Game Storyline

Summary Excerpt from the game’s store page over at Big Fish Games:

Buried in the ice… answer a distress call at an arctic research lab where scientists have made a chilling discovery! The latest in the bestselling Mystery Trackers series from Elephant Games will challenge your notion of what it means to be human. With Elf as your polar-clad sidekick, you’ll unravel the mystery of the Cold Stalkers. Play gorgeous scenes lit by the Northern Lights. A fun “area scan” feature, loads of silhouette, matching, and listed hidden-object puzzles, morphing objects, Rube Goldberg-style super puzzles, and collectibles make this a not-to-be-missed adventure!

Game Series

“Winterpoint Tragedy” is the installment of “Mystery Trackers” game series. Previous installment as follows: The Void; Raincliff; Black Isle; The Four Aces; Silent Hollow; Raincliff’s Phantoms; Blackrow’s Secret; Nightsville Horror.

Game Visual/Audio

There isn’t much can be said about the game’s visuals asides from that they’re well done. Pretty much the same thing can be said about the game’s audio. The visual and audio can be adjusted in the game’s option menu.


There are four different game difficulty modes to choose from: Elf Mode (Casual,) Scientist Mode (Advanced,) Cold Stalker Mode (Expert) and Detective Mode (Custom).

There’s a task panel that keeps track of all game’s objective. Located on top of the inventory panel.

There’s an option to lock the inventory panel in place to keep it stationary.

There are interactive items in the game, they’re marked with a symbol, but sometimes these interactive items do require extra items before they can be interact with.

The interactive map allows the player to fast travel between each location quickly. It also indicates there are tasks that needs to be done at certain locations. But it isn’t automatically given at the start of the game.

There is a canine helper name Elf. Elf can help the player do certain tasks like retrieving items that are out of reach.

Most of the hidden object scenes consists of find “x” amount of an item, pair items, traditional word list and shadow items. Some of them do require little or no interaction.

Most of the game’s puzzles are rather easy to solve without much difficulty. For most of the there’s a reset button but for all of them there’s a skip button. These two features are only present in “Elf Mode” game difficulty mode.


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