Redemption Cemetery: Clock of Fate Game Review

Game Information

Redemption Cemetery: Clock of Fate, is a HOPA* game, developed by ERS Games Studios.

*HOPA – Hidden Object Puzzle Adventure.

This is the seventh installment of the game’s series. Previous installments as follows: Curse of the Raven, Children’s Plight, Grave Testimony, Salvation of the Lost, Bitter Frost and The Island of the Lost.

Game Visuals

I want to mentioned that the visuals for this game is nicely done. The visuals can be adjusted in the option menu.

Game Audio

I want to mentioned that the audio for this game is well done even its simplistic and somewhat repetitive. The audio can be adjusted in the option menu as well.


There are only three difficulty game modes to choose from: Casual, Advanced, Hard and Custom.

The inventory panel has an option to make it stationary or non-stationary.

There are some interactive items. They’re marked with a symbol at the corner but most of the time they do require extra items before they can be interact with.

The interactive map allows the player to fast travel between each location quickly. It also indicates there are tasks that needs to be done at certain locations.

Most of the game’s hidden object scenes consists of find “X” amount, find pairs with some or no interaction.

Memory match optional mini game. Instead of looking for items in the hidden object scenes.

Most of the game’s puzzles are fairly easy to solve without having the need to skip any of them.


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