Note: Updated on October 7th 2014

When was this blog was founded?
This blog was founded on February 22, 2012.

What have motivated you to create this blog?
I always wanted to know which developer(s) made which game(s).

Is this blog going to be an ongoing project?
Yes, it’s most definitely going to be an ongoing project because new casual games goes market.

This there anyway that I can help?
If you want to help with this project there is a list of Unknown Developer and it’s very long.

There’s anyone else maintains this blog?
None at all. I alone maintain this blog.

Is there some kind of profit being made off of this blog?
No, there’s no profit being made off of this blog.

How do I navigate on this blog?
You can use the following (Widget Menu):

Blog’s Tags
Search Engine (Click to on the Magnifying Glass)

Can I share this blog with others?
Yes, you can share this blog with others; but be sure that you use the direct link to the main page of the blog. Often pages and post are removed/changed.


2 thoughts on “FAQs

  1. Is this blog still active? I just purchased The Legend of Sanna, and guess what? I have some questions. Since it looks like this game was first made public in 2009 it would not surprise me if you had received questions previously about this game.

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